What is Natsu?

Natsu is a student brand that focuses on the creation of sustainable clothing and inclusive community based events for students and young people. The brand emphasises working with local businesses, student designers and student artists for its projects, whilst actively reinvesting a portion of its profits into Manchester charities and community based initiatives.

What does the name mean?

The name Natsu is based on the founders middle name. Nat, namely after their Indian Grandad who is called Natwarlal, and Sufraz, after their other Mauritian Grandad who’s surname was originally meant to be Safraz, but was changed to Sufraz after a birth certificate error.

What are the Natsu values?

Natsu’s three main beliefs are sustainability, inclusivity and community. Since the brand began back in 2019, it has forged a path for students and young people to become a part of an ever-growing community. The brand has had a lasting impact in Manchester with various media outlets covering its progression.

Natsu Fest was first featured on The Dead Good Show on BBC Radio Manchester in August 2021. Natsu Clothing and Natsu Fest have both respectively been featured multiple times in The Mancunion, in their Support Our Students spread in October 2021 and with a full-page interview for the culture section in May 2023. Natsu has also been spotlighted on the award-winning Fuse FM talk show, Sez Says, in April 2023. In May 2023 Natsu was nominated for Excellent Improvement to University Experience and Community Campaign of the Year at the SU Awards 23, and in May 2024 Natsu Fest will receive a Commended Award for Outstanding Contribution to Social and Environmental Impact through Entrepreneurship at the Making A Difference Awards 24.

Robbie Beale - Activities & Culture Officer UMSU: “Natsu has been a melting pot for creative students to come together, support causes and emerging talent, and has built a community which has spanned years of students, even beyond graduation. It's the path for a new generation of students wanting to build communities of their own in a post-covid world.”


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