Natsu Fest

Natsu Fest is a festival showcasing the best of Manchester’s student music scene, with the original event taking place in the backyard of a student house that consisted of a stage built from wooden pallets and artists found from Manchester Student Group.  

The purpose of Natsu as a brand has long been to create an inclusive student community through its passion for clothing and events. Since Natsu’s beginning in Manchester, the impact of COVID-19 meant that there was a real sense of disconnection amongst the student population, especially when it came to meeting one another. Our response to this problem was an event called Natsu Fest, which took place after restrictions were lifted.

The sole aim of this event was to provide a platform for student artists to showcase their musical talents and ambitions, and as such connect with an entire new community of individuals. For this initial event to take place it required the bringing together of various students, which over the years has included dozens of student artists performing, tens of student graphic designers commissioned and many more students working together behind the scenes.

In organising these student events we have also released various items of clothing with student designers, and as such have created products consistently with small local businesses in Greater Manchester to fundraise for various charities such as 42nd Street, Manchester South Central Foodbank and Access Sport through the sale of Natsu’s products.

Natsu Fest has acted as a catalyst for student artists coming onto the student music scene and has maintained a sustained commitment to organising these events. Since 2021 Natsu has scheduled three successful annual Natsu Fest events in Manchester, featuring diverse student artists and a combined attendance of over 500 students to these events.